Standard Products

Our standard books, pouches and flasks all feature embossed designs with our proprietary embossing process. All of our designs are our own artwork starting with pencil on paper, then we hand-carve the original masters in leather and make our embossing dies directly from the hand tooled masters all in house. This carries the character and feel of a hand tooled piece but at a fraction of the price and is the Brown Cow Difference.

Check out our current selection of available designs.

We’re constantly working on new designs and welcome suggestions for new designs.


All of our books feature refillable inserts.

We have 3 sizes of sketchbooks (4x6, 6x9 and 8.5x11), moleskin style lined journals and student composition book covers.

Pouches & Sporrans

We have 4 sizes of belt pouches and two styles of sporrans. Belt pouches hang from a sewn loop from the back while sporrans have a hard plate and D-Rings on the back and hang from either a chain belt or belt clips.

All of our pouches and sporrans are fully top stitched for superior durability and style.


Our flask are leather wrapped stainless steel hip flasks, with a belt loop on the back that snaps closed making it easy to take on and off a belt.

We have 4 sizes of flasks 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, and 12oz.

We also sell:

Messenger Bags

And a lot more…